AB 2038 (Lieber) has just passed the Senate Human Services Committee on a 3-0 vote, and is on it’s way to the Senate Appropriations committee. This is one of the last stops before making it’s way to the Governor’s Office. Here’s your chance to continue your support for this legislation!
People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault and many other types of crime and often have less access to protection when it happens. Several studies indicate that about eight in ten women and four in ten men with developmental disabilities have been victims of sexual violence, and about four in ten women and two in ten men with developmental disabilities have been victims at least ten times.
AB 2038 would:

  • Require mandated reporters to report crimes in long-term care facilities to the local law enforcement agencies. There are many sexual assaults in these facilities now that police never learn about.
  • Expand the state protocol for examination and treatment of sexual assault victims will be expanded to include specialized training on working with victims with disabilities.
  • Establish that training for health care professionals who examine and treat sexual assault victims will include training on victims with disabilities.
  • Ensure that State training for district attorneys concerning sexual assault will be expanded to cover the special problems of investigating and prosecuting crimes against victims with disabilities.
  • Designate CALCASA, as one of the subject-matter expert organizations on crimes against victims with disabilities, to be consulted by the relevant state agencies.

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