Week of August 24th
Below is a summary of what happened this week with bills that CALCASA is tracking through the state legislature. The list includes bills that CALCASA is sponsoring, supporting and watching. We included links to each bill, so that you can read the text. All bills over $150,000 are sent to suspense and reconsidered later in the legislative session.

Assembly Appropriations

SB 588 (Committee on Public Safety) Sex Offender Management Board.

  • CALCASA Position: Sponsor
  • Status: Do Pass
  • Current Location: A-APPR. SUSPENSE FILE

Senate Appropriations

AB 307 (Cook) Sex offenders: working with minors.

  • CALCASA Position: Watch
  • Status: Senate Rule 28.8
  • Current Location: S-Second Reading

AB 1017 (Portantino) Sexual assault crimes.

  • CALCASA Position: Support
  • Status: Do Pass
  • Current Location: S-APPR. SUSPENSE FILE