Week of August 24th
Exclusion policy on early prison release ruled invalid
Last week, a federal appeals court ruled that “a Federal Bureau of Prisons policy excluding murderers, rapists and others with violent crimes on their record from an early-release program is invalid because authorities have failed to explain why those inmates are ineligible.”
Police Investigate the Jaycee Lee Dugard Caste
Police investigating the kidnap of Jaycee Lee Dugard have started digging in the grounds of a house next to the property where she was kept hidden for 18 years.
Women’s services take hit after state cuts
SANTA CRUZ — The Walnut Avenue Women’s Center will be closed on Wednesdays to deal with recent state budget cuts, and leaders say the closure could not come at a worse time.
East Palo Alto outraged at sexual predator’s release
News that a twice-convicted rapist is moving to East Palo Alto has furious residents planning protests against an out-of-town landlord and a Santa Clara County judge.
Friday Legislative Update
Click here to review a summary of what happened last week with bills that CALCASA is tracking through the state legislature.
The list includes bills that CALCASA is sponsoring, supporting and watching. We included links to each bill, so that you can read the text. All bills over $150,000 are sent to suspense and reconsidered later in the legislative session.