While there is significant media coverage of the gang rape in Richmond California, few articles highlight the need for sexual violence programs. Here is a Newsweek article called Bystanders No More: Teaching Kids to Respond to Violent Crime that highlights how positive bystander response can make a difference. The article includes ideas from nationally recognized programs like Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) , Bringing in the Bystander and Green Dot. Many of these have been highlighted in PreventConnect interviews and web conferences.
Here are some points made by Community Violence Solutions, the rape crisis center in Contra Costa County, to highlight the need for bystander actions.

  • Bystanders have responsibility BUT need support to be taught how to intercede appropriately to stop this crime in all its forms.
  • Addressing bystander behavior is a pivotal element in stopping violence against women – most men WOULD step up if they know how… IT TRULY ONLY TAKES ONE INDIVIDUAL TO CHANGE A TIDE