collabGoing into partnership with another nonprofit organization is not a new concept.  If you have applied for a government or foundation grant; you were asked the question about how or with who you would collaborate.  With shrinking resources and higher expectations of better results for dollars spent; many foundations and government agencies are putting greater emphasis on agency collaborations.  Many nonprofits establish collaborations; far fewer do it well.
The act of collaboration involves the exchange of information and ideals, altering activities, sharing resources and enhancing the capacity of another organization for mutual benefit and achieving a common goal and purpose.  The more complex and integrated the collaboration; the more time is needed in the planning stages and in maintaining the partnership for a greater chance at success.
Some organizations will establish collaborations in order to be eligible for specific grants.  Whatever your motivation; it might be well worth the effort to be strategic when establishing these alliances in order to determine what organization would be the best fit for your agency and stakeholders and vice versa.  When looking at your collaboration strategically; there are twelve points  identified in “Accessing Your Collaboration: A Self Evaluation Tool” that will help you in making a more informed decision.  Finding the right partnership can make a good agency better.  Please use the comment box below to contribute to this topic.
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