The journal Violence Against Women has published online a study suggesting that a human rights approach is more holistic.  As I have blogged before, a human rights approach to violence against women prevention is common everywhere in the world except the United States.
What do you think?  Would the rape and domestic violence prevention movement benefit from a human rights approach?
The full citation and link to the abstract of the article from SafetyLit follows the jump.

“How Would That Help Our Work?”: The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Human Rights in the United States.
Morgaine K. Violence Against Women 2009; ePublished October 22, 2009.
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This qualitative study explores whether individuals working within the domestic violence (DV) field in the United States have utilized a human rights framework and identifies potential benefits of this framework. Using the critique and experiences of women of color as a focal point, data were gathered through interviews with key individuals working with national and regional DV and human rights organizations. This article focuses on challenges within the mainstream DV movement and how a human rights approach could potentially ameliorate some of these concerns by supporting a more holistic approach to DV and increasing coalition building and community engagement.