Orlando, FL – The Campus Winter Training & Technical Assistance Institute (TTI) on January 19-21, 2010 in Orlando, Florida will be an opportunity for all grantees to meet OVW Program Managers, CALCASA staff, and network with each other.  As we approach the Institute, CALCASA will send the finalized workshop listing with descriptions and times.
This year’s theme is Coordinated Community Response and Working with Underserved Communities, which will be highlighted by the keynote speakers and underscored by the workshop presenters.  Please see below to read a few of the workshop titles.


  • Campus Sexual Assault Response Teams
  • Bridging the Gap Between Victim Advocates and Law Enforcement
  • Creating Multilingual Spaces in Campus Sexual Violence Work
  • Gender Violence, Activism, and Our Relationship: Remembering Love at the End of Everyday
  • State Coalitions Against Sexual Assault & Campuses Working Together
  • Improving Our Multidisciplinary Work: Managing Conflict and Agreement on Teams Responding to Crime Victims
  • Protecting Victim Privacy While Promoting a Coordinated Community Response
  • Moving Beyond He Said She Said: Effectively Investigating and Prosecuting Consent Defense Cases
  • Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of Presenting Single Gender v. Mixed Gender Sexual Assault Educational Programs: What We Know and What We Still Have Yet to Learn
  • Mobilizing Students for Change -Peer Education Programs to Combat Violence Against Women
  • “Ordinary” v. “Extraordinary” Campus Violence: Combating Legal Myths and Gendered Silences about Peer Sexual Violence and School Shootings
  • Making Organizations LGBTQ Inclusive
  • Underprivileged and Underserved: Lessons on Navigating Language and Care with Clients of Color
  • Culturally Informed Trauma Services
  • Promotoras: Promoting Change & Organizing to End Sexual Violence
  • Sexual Violence on Campus: How Community Policing Impacts Campus Works with Underserved Communities