During the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference, which took place in Hollywood Sept. 1-3, 2010there were more than 80 workshops. The largest track was the Prevention Track sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Workshop Title: Participatory Assessment: Mobilizing Communities to Prevent DV & SA (Close to Home)

Description:This highly interactive workshop focused on how to engage communities—including youth,  adults and organizations—in domestic and sexual violence prevention by using participatory assessment as a starting place. It included an examination of Close to Home?s program model, participatory activities to illustrate our process, and community member-created multimedia products. Participants left with practical skills to bring back to their practices. Close to Home believes that violence prevention is the responsibility of every community member. The workshop was tailored to be relevant to people from a variety of backgrounds including those involved in violence prevention work, and those interested in learning about community engagement. Close to Home is one of a handful of organizations worldwide that is applying principles of community organizing to domestic violence prevention work and we are excited to share our unique, grassroots perspective on moving from dialogue to action.

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