Just Detention International - Portraits of Courage (Photographs by James Stenson)

At this years National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood, CA, CALCASA hosted a variety of workshops dedicated to Intervention/Advocacy for advocates working with survivors of sexual violence. Among these workshops was a track dedicated to eliminating prison rape, sponsored by Just Detention International. This track consisted of 3 workshops, one of which was titled: Conversations with Survivors of Sexual Abuse Behind Bars: A Multimedia Presentation
This interactive workshop focused on the real-life experiences of survivors of sexual abuse behind bars to increase awareness of the complex issues surrounding this widespread, but often hidden, violence and identified best practices for working with this population of survivors. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to survivors’ first-hand accounts and participated in a panel discussion with rape crisis counselors experienced in working with survivors of sexual abuse behind bars

You can download the power point slides for this workshop here.
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