At this years National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood, CA, CALCASA hosted a variety of workshops dedicated to Intervention/Advocacy for advocates working with survivors of sexual violence. Among these workshops was a session entitled: Developing & Implementing A Personal Safety Curriculum for Children With Developmental Disabilities
Children with autism spectrum disorder are considered by some as unreachable regarding their ability to recognize sexual abuse. Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) is empowering children with autism spectrum disorder. NOVA developed a personal safety curriculum specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorder, ages 7 to 12. This advanced training included: research, first steps, collaboration, funding, curriculum replication, community awareness, successes, lessons learned, and implementation.

  • Mary Worthington: Prevention Educator, NOVA
  • Mary Richter: Prevention Educator, NOVA

The materials for this workshop are below:
Personal Safety Planning for Children with Developmental Disabilities – Power point
NSAC Handout
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