Just Detention International

At this years National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood, CA, CALCASA hosted a variety of workshops dedicated to Intervention/Advocacy for advocates working with survivors of sexual violence. Among these workshops was a track dedicated to eliminating prison rape, sponsored by Just Detention International (JDI). This track consisted of 3 workshops, one of which was titled: Addressing Sexual Violence in Detention: the Paths to Recovery Model
Drawing upon the innovative Paths to Recovery program, which provides confidential rape crisis counseling to survivors of sexual assault at two large California state prisons, this workshop offered a model for how community rape crisis centers can implement similar programs in correctional facilities nationwide. Participants learned best practices and practical skills for providing services to this population of survivors and how to form effective partnerships with corrections officials.


Below are materials from this workshop:
The Paths to Recovery Model – Power Point
Hope for Healing: Information for Survivors of Sexual Assault in Detention
Fact Sheet: The Basics about Sexual Abuse in U.S. Detention
Fact Sheet: Mental Health Consequences of Sexual Violence in Detention
Fact Sheet: LGBTQ Detainees Chief Targets of Sexual Abuse in Detention
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