During the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference, which took place in Hollywood Sept. 1-3, 2010there were more than 80 workshops. The largest track was the Prevention Track sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Workshop Title: Working toward a World Free of Sexual Violence: Virginia’s Primary Prevention Guidelines
Presenters: Brad Perry and Kristi Van Audenhove, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance
Description: The focus of this workshop will be the development, content, and application of Virginia?s Primary Prevention Guidelines. This publication is an innovative resource crucial to building the capacity of communities to plan, implement, and evaluate effective prevention initiatives. It provides common conceptual ground for prevention professionals, and helps translate research and promising practices into digestible, concrete points (incl. case studies) primed for practical application. It also de?nes basic prevention terminology while also pushing the ?eld to consider promotion-oriented goals, such as “healthy sexuality”. Finally, detailed appendices provide deeper context through the inclusion of a glossary, a list of “Priority Risk & Protective Factors,” and a comprehensive assessment tool.

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