On Monday February 14, President Barack Obama released his 2012 Budget Proposal that includes cuts and eliminations to over 200 federal programs, makes strategic investments to increase economic productivity, promote innovation, and sets the United States on a long-term course to reduce the long-term deficit.
CALCASA and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) have reviewed the budget and cut out the political noise that usually surrounds it’s release to bring you a review of what the President is proposing. CALCASA is grateful for the work of the NAESV, the National Network to End Domestic Violence for putting this list together:

The President has funded SASP at $35 million and set-aside an additional $35 million for sexual assault services in the VOCA fund.
In terms of DNA funding, there is $5 million in funding to conduct pilots with law enforcement agencies to evaluate ways to reduce backlogs of unprocessed rape evidence kits, $7.5 million for law enforcement training on DNA evidence, and $7.5 million for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Grants. The Budget includes $3.8 million for a Sexual Assault Problem-Solving Initiative, to help bring additional focus to ways in which law enforcement and community action can help reduce sexual assault.
Funding levels for other essential programs are listed below. RPE funding levels are not yet known.
Total for Office on Violence Against Women: $431 million

  • STOP – $182 million (decrease $7 million from FY 10)
  • T-housing – $25 million (increase $7 million from FY 10)
  • Grants to Encourage arrest $47.5 million (cut $12.5 million from FY 10)
  • SASP – $35 million (increase $20 million from FY 10/increase $5 million from President’s FY11 rec)
  • Rural $38 million (cut $3 million from FY 10)
  • Campus $9.5 million (level)
  • LAV $50 million (increase $9 million from FY 10)
  • Elder/later life $4.25 million (level)
  • Safe Havens $11.25 million  (cut $2.75 million)
  • Disability training grants $5.75 million (cut $1 million)
  • Consolidated Youth programs (STARY, STEP , Services for Children/Youth Exposed; Engaging Men and Youth) – $14 million (increase $2 million from FY 10)
  • Court training and improvement $5 million (increase $2 million from FY 10)
  • SA clearinghouse in Indian country – $500,000 – new program
  • Research and tracking on VAW against native women $1 million – this seems to consolidate two programs which in 10 were funded at $1 million each
  • New Homicide prevention program take $2.25 million from T-housing and $6.75 million from GTEAP

$850 million VOCA cap (Of the $850 million, $100 million is for discretionary grants for temporary shelter, transitional housing and other assistance for victims of violence against women. Of the $100 million, $15 million is for transitional housing and other assistance for victims of violence against women in Indian Country.  An additional $35 million is set aside from the $850 million for sexual assault services.)
If you have any further questions, please contact Phillip Ung at phillip@calcasa.org or (916) 446-2520 ext. 317.