As Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is just around the corner, it’s time to hear a lot of talk about commitment. During the month of April, many agencies — CALCASA included — often say and write things such as, “For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, let’s raise awareness and commit to end sexual violence in the community.” But what exactly is the commitment? Let’s be clear.

  1. CALCASA is committing to bring the issues of sexual violence and the voices of rape crisis centers to the California State Capitol.
  2. CALCASA is committing to walk into the offices of every California senator and assembly member to deliver information about Denim Day and the destructive attitudes about sexual violence.
  3. And CALCASA is committing to support its membership by promoting SAAM events that are occurring across the state.

What are you committing — as an agency or as an individual — for SAAM? And equally important, what do you want your policy-makers committing for SAAM? CALCASA wants to take your voice and ideas to the Capitol with us on Denim Day: What do you want your legislators to commit for the month of April?