I want to talk about someone who is special to me. Livia Rojas’ parents moved from Mexico City to Southern California in 1975. Growing up, she wanted to be a journalist. But really, she discovered her calling while attending UC Berkeley for her undergraduate studies in political science and sociology. She obtained her Master’s of Science in Social Work at the Columbia University in 2009. She is the only one in her family who is a college graduate. Way to go!
In June 2009, she went to Dallas, Texas for her first day of work at CALCASA. The agency was in Dallas for its Campus Training Institute. It was then that I met Livia Rojas. We enjoyed dinner and had good conversations. Her laugh is contagious! We just enjoyed each other’s company.
One thing I noticed about her is that she she really listens. I have never met anyone who not just hears, but listens and with a smile. There is calmness about her that you can feel and know that she is listening to you. The other thing I love about her is that she is great at providing icebreakers! For example, once at a conference, she introduced herself as the executive director. It was funny! You had to be there.
Working at CALCASA is perfect for her because it signifies everything she believes in. She has, for many years and in various positions, done fieldwork for survivors of domestic violence. She is compassionate and cares about making sure that underserved communities obtain resources and also receive increased access.
The reason Livia wanted to be a journalist while going up is because she believes “in transparency,” she said. “Clear and open communication not only in the type of work I do but also in society in general. And that, I think the core principle in a democratic society.”