This last week I saw the performance from the Oakland-based Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company performance of hip-hop, modern, and aerial dance, theater, martial arts rap and song titled “Free: Voices from beyond the curbside.”
The youth themselves wrote about issues that they face today including a sensitive and moving section on child sexual abuse.  The young people describe how they may get trapped into believing that women are sexual objects for men, how homophobic name calling hurts, and how rape and abuse are common place.
I watched this production as both a proud parent (my son is in the company) and as a sexual violence preventionist.  What I loved was how the young people did not only talk about the problems, but clearly stated the solutions they wanted: equal rights for women, safety in their community, respect for others and the earth itself.
This is a great opportunity to be inspired and strengthen out hope in today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders. Click here to purchase tickets for this weekend’s performances.