Another Green Dot guest post! Today Nick King from Verity in Sonoma County has provided an update on the Green Dot program that he and the Verity team are rolling out at El Molino High School. Great work Nick!
In August of 2011, Daniela Bravo and myself (Nick King) met with Doria Trombetta to discuss the overview of the program. She introduced us to Matt Dunkle, the Vice- Principal of the school since he would be my consistent contact to the school. Over the next couple of months (September – December), I spent a couple days out of the week meeting students during their lunch break building relationships, and identifying the existing resources that school already had for us to build on. I was also attempting to identify early adopters. As of now I think I’ve probably identified about 8-10 potential people. The great thing about this school is that they already have a program called Safe School Ambassador’s, which is a bystander intervention program that has approximately, 30 students in it. We plan on training at least half of those students since they are already doing the work. Green Dot will simply add to their tool kit regarding bystander intervention.
In moving forward with our implementation, I’m working with the Vice Principal to start scheduling Overview Speeches for February and March. Once we have completed our rounds of speeches, we are planning to recruit early adopters for 2 separate trainings that will take place in March and April, possibly May depending on the timeline of our speeches. We are also planning on having at least one booster activity after our trainings and also one after summer is over for the fall to keep them engaged in the philosophy.