When I am wrong, I admit it. I feel like most people I know do the same. Most others I know just never bring up the conversation / topic ever again, hoping that if we don’t talk about the controversial issue, at some point all will be forgotten. Not Liz Trotta.
I blogged about Trotta’s original comments about rape in the military  last week. Over the weekend, Trotta was given an opportunity to set the record straight, and explain her extraordinarily offensive comments regarding the issue of sexual assault perpetrated against female soldiers. Instead of backpedaling, Trotta doubled down.

 “Male troops are now encumbered with the realities of feminist biology…the environment of combat by definition sets up a situation where basic instincts rule. The niceties of male, female interaction fade in this arena and any scientist will tell you that testosterone rules.”

You can watch the video here. Protect Our Defenders, a group who seeks “to fix the military training, investigation and adjudication systems related to sexual violence” and reduce the re-victimization of survivors, has started a petition  that calls for Trotta to issue a formal apology to all women in the armed services. You can sign the petition here and join over 10,000 other people from around the country who recognize that there is no justification for rape.