Today CALCASA was proud to support SJR 20 (Evans) as it passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee. This measure would call on the United States Congress to pass the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) of 2011 and ensure the sustainability of vital programs designed to keep women and families safe from violence and abuse.  Over the past six months, CALCASA has been working with the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence to promote the reauthorization of VAWA on a national level and we are excited to be able to support a California based initiative which demonstrates our state support for this federal initiative.
According to Senator Evans,

“VAWA, first enacted in 1994, has been the centerpiece of the federal government’s efforts to stamp out domestic and sexual violence. Critical programs authorized under VAWA include support for victim services, transitional housing, and legal assistance. Over 11.5 million dollars flows into California for peace officer response and training, rape crisis centers, and education to bring awareness to domestic and sexual assaults.”

CALCASA will continue to support this initiative as it makes its way to the next phase of the legislative process, the Assembly Committee floor.
To learn more about how you can support VAWA reauthorization, please visit To read the full text of SJR 20, click here!