Photo taken by timsackton

For those individuals that are affiliated with a college campus the article’s Students Who Speak Up Can Make a Difference in the Huffington Post, and Student’s Account Has Rape in Spotlight in The New York Times are an important read.  The articles highlight what happened after Amherst College administrators failed to take action after a student was raped on campus.  Survivor Angie Epifano wrote a first hand account in the school newspaper The Amherst Student.  Like many other survivor stories the details can be traumatic, read with caution.  The overwhelming response to take action has gone viral.  In response to Epifano’s story, college president Carolyn A. Martin has released a statement on the sexual assault and admits that the campus’ “administrations response to reports have left survivors feeling that they were badly served and that must change, and change immediately.” President Martin documents what recent actions were taken and what the next steps will be.  It appears that the college wants to start making changes to be survivor centered.