Thank you, Governor Brown!

Please join CALCASA in thanking Governor Brown for his leadership on women’s issues and prioritizing survivors of sexual assault.
2014 was a monumental year for CALCASA’s policy agenda and we are thrilled that Governor Brown signed all four pieces of our priority legislation: AB 1517, AB 2545, SB 782, and SB 967.
– AB 1517 establishes time frames for law enforcement and crime laboratories to process and upload DNA evidence into the national evidence. This law will prevent future rape kit backlogs.
– AB 2545 allows California’s active duty military and veterans to access counseling services through the Victim’s Compensation program, regardless if a police report or a report to a superior officer was made. This extends crucial counseling services to survivors of military sexual trauma.
– SB 782 creates a new tax check-off program that will bolster California rape crisis centers with additional funding.
– SB 967 requires California college campuses to develop survivor-centered polices, response programs, and comprehensive prevention strategies in addressing campus sexual violence.
Together, as a coalition, we mobilized to support survivors of military sexual trauma, develop comprehensive campus sexual assault policies, prevent future rape kit backlogs, and develop new funding sources for California’s rape crisis centers.
Please take a moment to thank Governor Brown and acknowledge his leadership!