As part of our on-going effort to promote the CA Says NO MORE license plate and to generate a sustainable prevention fund for CA

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Click to Download.

rape crisis centers and domestic violence programs, CALCASA is pleased to share our latest tool for community engagement, the Local Business Engagement Guide. 

The Local Business Engagement Guide is filled with tips for reaching out to community businesses, like car dealerships and auto mechanics, to request their help in raising awareness of the plate with their customers. In the Guide, you will also find new graphics for posts on social media and sample Tweets and Facebook messages. 

Our hope is that member rape crisis centers can utilize this tool to make connections within the local business community. New partners are needed to reinvigorate our campaign and we can’t do it without the support of our member agencies!

The Local Business Engagement Guide was developed together with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Together, we are working to make the NO MORE plate a reality, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! Join the conversation on social media with #DrivingCharge.