This is the time of year that many are inspired to give! With the spirit of the holidays, with reflections on the year past, and with moments that have sparked action and passion, we ask that you consider donating to CALCASA.  
#GivingTuesday commemorates the global celebration of charity when many focus on their end of year giving. The day is here and #GivingTuesday participants around the world have already joined the collective effort of contributing to their communities and showing support for social justice organizations.
This is the first year CALCASA joins #GivingTuesday but its history is ingrained in a grassroots movement spurred by volunteers and individuals dedicated to collaborative efforts and driven by the need for a collective voice on a statewide and national level. After 36 years, CALCASA has made a lasting impact on the State’s practices, policies, and has gone national with programs such as PreventConnect. CALCASA now provides leadership, vision,  and resources to its membership of 84 rape crisis centers, individuals and other entities committed to ending sexual violence.
Giving to CALCASA means supporting the 31,000+ survivors that are served in California each year. Giving to CALCASA means supporting our efforts of promoting public policy, advocacy, training, and technical assistance on the issue of sexual assault. Giving to CALCASA means supporting prevention education and our collaborative alliances with other social justice organizations.  Lastly, giving to CALCASA means supporting and sharing our vision of a world free from sexual violence. We thank all allies, collaborators, members and every individual in advance for giving and supporting CALCASA in the past and on this #GivingTuesday.