Governor Jerry Brown has signed SB 384 (Weiner) into law, which marks an important success in legislation for CALCASA and the movement to end sexual violence. The new law promotes better measures for public safety, better practices in allocating resources, and centers survivors voices in the need for offender rehabilitation and a system that promotes community health, prevention, and safety beyond monitoring. Sex offender registry reform is long overdue and CALCASA is proud to be a part of these needed changes.
CALCASA thanks the Rape Crisis Center Programs, and especially the survivors who brought their voices to the conversation. Many of our advocates and survivors took action to reach out to their representatives by phone, email, and in-person visits. The voices of survivors testifying on the importance of this bill was crucial for our representatives to hear, and played a pivotal role in getting SB 384 (Wiener) to the Governor’s desk.
We will continue to inform and participate in the development of the reformed sex offender registration system and show how registry reform can lead to better initiatives to center meaningful accountability and improve public safety. As part of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), CALCASA will continue to advocate for sex offender management that reflects survivors needs. This is a step in shifting the narrative of persons who have caused sexual harm and public safety that reflects the vast experiences of survivors. We are hopeful that this legislation can lead to better prevention and proactive solutions to ending sexual violence and look forward to what opportunities the next legislative session holds.