Founded in 2015,  Raliance is a national partnership committed to ending sexual violence in one generation. What most people don’t know is that Anna Isaacson, NFL’s Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility,  played a key role in forming Raliance. A recent article in Ozy She Was Handpicked by the NFL Commish to Help the League Clean Up Its Act revealed how Anna has played such an important role in advancing sexual violence prevention in sport.
In 2015, in response to criticism and major scandals facing the industry, the National Football League stepped up and led their efforts with prevention.  A big part of this commitment to prevent sexual violence was the NFL supporting three national organizations to form Raliance. We honor the leadership of Anna Isaacson and the NFL in their capacity of making the prevention of sexual and domestic violence possible within sport. Anna Isaacson has met responses and criticisms of the NFL with action and a determination to shift attitudes about sport. We recognize the reach and influence of the NFL and see them as having an important place in creating culture change. With Anna’s support, Raliance is helping sport to situate itself as a part of the solution in the prevention of gender-based violence.
Anna Isaacson and the NFL have used sport as a platform to shift attitudes and make a lasting change to end sexual and domestic violence. Raliance’s Sport + Prevention Center is a prime example of how their guidance has helped reframe the way sport intersects with gender-based violence. This new platform provides resources on sexual violence prevention specific to sport, and a database of prevention strategies being implemented in and through the sport pipeline.
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