Black writing on yellow Background: Change can hardly wiat. Here what you can do. Post on Social media. Take the pledge. Share the Message, Give a BuckChange can’t wait. Tell the world that we can end sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault!
Give a buck (white writing on a blue buttonCALCASA is proud to join RALIANCE’s #GiveABuck campaign to end sexual violence in one generation. Go to Give a Buck and join this movement today!
Sexual violence has dominated headlines for years – sexual harassment and assault on campuses, in churches, in Hollywood, in newsrooms, in the military… it happens everywhere. It’s time to act now – all of us working together to end sexual violence in one generation. We have the opportunity now to build broad support for programs that prevent sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault in our communities. #TimesUp and #MeToo have made wonderful advances for victims’ services. Our #GiveABuck social media campaign builds awareness and supports prevention.
Are you ready to tell the world you Give A Buck about ending sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault?
Go to our Give A Buck site and sign up to be a participant, take the pledge, or to learn more today!