In a new article featured on The Good Men Project, RALIANCE’s National Project Coordinator, Brian Pinero, reflects on the roles men have to make a change and prevent sexual violence from happening.
“For me, changing the culture of sexual violence starts with men acknowledging that our words and actions have been part of the problem. While we can’t reverse the damage that’s been done, we can—and must—choose to be part of the solution. This is a time for me—and so many others—to recognize and stand up to behavior that disrespects and bullies others.
It is also crucial that this conversation happen collectively, candidly, and openly. There can’t be statements that start with “between you and me” or “I would only tell you this.” That’s not enough and it’s not progress. An essential part of this process involves men talking with other men, from old friends to ones I haven’t even met, about the ways in which our past behavior didn’t live up to expectations and the standards we will hold each other to going forward.”
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