American Public Health Association’s (APHA) 2018 annual meeting begins today in San Diego California. This is the largest annual gathering of public health professionals and CALCASA will be a part of it. The APHA 2018 Annual Meeting will premier CALCASA’s new video titled “Lead with Prevention.” Watch the video to learn more about the work CALCASA is doing, our collaboration with local and national partners and our advocacy efforts in California.

Sexual violence prevention goes beyond creating awareness of the issue and alerting community members of services available. It requires shifting the community norms that contribute to sexual violence, promoting healthy relationships, and participating in efforts to advance social justice. CALCASA is an advocate for prevention activities and provides training and technical assistance to support prevention practitioners in building effective prevention efforts in their communities.
In the words of CALCASA’s Board Member Tina Rodriguez “With making sexual violence so visible and putting a face and a voice to it we are now charged with the accountability of preventing it.”
Tomorrow CALCASA’s Director of Prevention David Lee will present “A Roadmap to Prevent Sexual Violence in Sport,” and CALCASA’s Public Policy Associate John Finley will present “Brutality: A Global Public Health Perspective on Systemic Barriers to Health Equity.”
Stay tuned for updates from the APHA Annual meeting and CALCASA’s ongoing work at