For Immediate Release
November 16, 2018
Contact: John L. Finley, Public Policy Associate,
Statement by California Coalition Against Sexual Assault CEO Sandra Henriquez on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Title IX by the United States Department of Education:
(Sacramento) Today, the US Department of Education issued a new proposed rule rolling back Title IX protections for survivors of campus sexual assault, severely narrowing the definition of sexual harassment, and weakening institutional responsibility for responding to sexual violence. It is unacceptable that as the nation’s consciousness of the realities and pain caused by sexual violence continues to grow, the response of our leaders at the federal level is to eliminate rights and protections for survivors that were already won years ago.
CALCASA, our local members, national partners, and advocates everywhere will not stand idly by while this administration allows campuses to sweep sexual violence under the rug. We encourage everyone concerned with this new rule to submit public comment, and CALCASA will provide additional guidance on how to do this when available. More information can be found from our allies at End Rape on Campus and Know Your IX (
Together, we will raise our voices in fearless protest, and will advocate for California to protect survivors and end sexual violence in education once and for all.


The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault is the professional association representing 84 rape crisis centers throughout California, and a national advocacy organization dedicated to ending sexual violence wherever it may occur.

See full statement here.