“With making sexual violence so visible and putting a face and a voice to it we are now charged with the accountability of preventing it.” CALCASA’s Board Member Tina Rodriguez says it best, now more than ever our state and the nation is focused on the issue of sexual violence. Our communities know how prevalent the issue of sexual violence. There are risks involved if we don’t make changes to prevent sexual violence.
CALCASA is leading the way with prevention; it’s at the center of what we do. We know that beyond meeting the needs of survivors, making sure they have the resources they deserve, we can create change that will end sexual violence for the next generation. Sexual violence is preventable.
This Giving Tuesday we ask for your support so that we can advance our efforts, to shift the attitudes that allow sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse to exist. This past year our policy work increased funding for sexual violence programs, we did this by educating and working with policymakers to develop approaches that empower survivors and promote prevention. This is what CALCASA does, we work with systems to promote approaches that uplift and respect survivors. Policy and advocacy work is a significant part of what we do in order to prevent gender-based violence. Every contribution helps move us forward towards our goals, and we thank all of our champions for their continued investment.
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