Join us on Twitter December 14th from 1-1:30pm for a year-end celebration of prevention work and a call to action for ongoing state funding to support these efforts. During this hour, we encourage you to post about your success and impacts to help elevate the importance of prevention for the Governor, Legislature, and general public.

The Partnership and VALOR are once again working together to secure dedicated prevention funding in the state budget, and we’re pushing hard for ongoing funding that allows you the stability of consistent funding to plan and implement for the long term. Click here for the letter we submitted to the Governor and budget leaders. This Twitter party is timed at a key moment, as the Governor is finalizing his January Budget proposal. We need you to join us in making some noise about the importance and impact of prevention work, to help keep this on the Governor’s radar.

From the Partnership and VALOR account we’ll share a few prompt questions to get the conversation going. We will ask about your biggest accomplishments for the year; how you know that prevention is leading to positive changes in your community, and what you’re hopeful for in 2022. We will also remind folks of how to get involved in supporting statewide efforts, and encourage you to share how folks can engage with your local work as well.

We hope you’ll join us for this celebration! Click here for a calendar invite, and click here for the tweet prompts and ideas for what to share.

Let us know if you’ll be there, or if you have any questions ( &

VALOR & Partnership teams