As we are wrapping up the year 2021, we would like to highlight VALOR’s top 6 achievements of the year!

  1. We changed our name.

Formerly known as the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, we changed our name to ValorUS. Over the past 40 years, the organization has evolved from local grassroots activism focusing attention on the prevalence of sexual assault to national leadership dedicated to preventing and ending the social inequities that perpetuate sexual violence.VALOR reflects the organization’s commitment to align with its values and find the courage needed to lead boldly, both nationally and in California, in the movement to create a world free from violence. Watch the recording of our launch

2. We hosted the 2021 National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC).

Thousands of activists, advocates and other professionals working to prevent sexual violence attended this three-day virtual conference and  provided powerful pleanry address and interactive workshops. With the issue of sexual assault garnering more attention than ever before in the last 40 years, the conference took place at a time when it is necessary to highlight the solutions toward ending sexual violence.  Recordings of most of the sessions are available at

3. We had success advocating for funding 

VALOR successfully advocated for California to fund $15 million for sexual and domestic violence prevention and $115 million for victim services filling the shortfall from the federal sources.In addition, VALOR actively advocated for funding for the Victims of Crime Act, which later resulted in the bill being passed nationally. VALOR will always be a voice for prevention and for survivors as we  lead the nation from California.

4. We launched a new resource called “Support for Survivors.”

VALOR envisions a world free from violence where the dignity of every person is valued and respected . This training of  Support for Survivors informed us on how we move forward to address the inequities in our communities, in order to prevent and end sexual violence. Download in English and Spanish.

 5. We launched “VALOR Conversations” 

Whether you are a seasoned advocate or a community member interested in learning more about the movement to end sexual violence, VALOR’s podcasts are for you! The series features thought leaders, change agents, and actual advocates at California’s Rape Crisis centers who are actively engaging in the mission to advance equity in order to prevent and end sexual violence. Go ahead and subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

6. We had a new cohort of LEAP Leaders

VALOR’s national program, LEAP, primary purpose is to enhance the professional skills of leaders of color in the anti-violence field with  topics like, working with boards, finance and budgets, cultural capacity building, program development, evaluation, and sustainability, and so much more! VALOR provides an immersive and intensive training to build skills and confidence to propel leaders of color forward in the anti-violence movement. Meet the Movement’s New LEAP Leaders!