Parent Playlist: Top 5 Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Though there’s no official parent/caregiver manual, we hope these five resources will help you feel more prepared to tackle the difficult questions that come along with helping to raise healthy, kind, and capable humans. Engaging parents in violence prevention work helps to create safe, trusting relationships between caregivers and youth which helps move us towards a community without sexual violence. 


  1. Safe Youth Collaborative 

Coming in at number 5 is the Safe Youth Collaborative website. The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault created this resource to help parents, caregivers, and anyone who works with youth find resources, education, and support to “help raise the generation that could end sexual violence for good”. The resources are categorized by the youth’s age and include lists of topics and resources related to sexual violence prevention that are appropriate for that age range.   


  1. RedefineSLO

Next on the list is this resource from ReDefine SLO. This parent program is focused on the emotional and relational well-being of pre-teen boys in an effort to lower the rates of harm and dating violence by equipping parents, caregivers, and influential adults with the tools to navigate tough conversations with children in their lives. 


  1. Parents Push Prevention Forward Blog 

This next resource is a blog that looks at an RPE program’s parent engagement work including a report on their recent parent workshops that addressed mental health and opened the door for continued engagement and relationship building. This is a great resource for preventionists who are looking to engage parents on a school campus and collaborate with school administrators to cultivate a healthy relationship between parents and those who support youth. 


  1. Families for SafeDates: Implementation Manual for Parents and Caregivers

This Families for SafeDates manual serves as a family-based teen dating violence prevention program with the goal of educating and engaging caregivers in teen dating violence prevention. There are printable handouts that have questions for teens and caregivers to discuss conflict resolution, recognize teen dating violence, and plan for the future. This is designed for program staff to engage families in prevention work. 


  1. VALOR’s Car Conversations Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Many families want to have conversations about sexual and domestic violence but don’t quite know where to start. This guide will help you have those conversations while traveling to and from school. This guide can be used to help you navigate difficult conversations about relationships, harassment, consent, and much more. It can be a starting point for many more safe discussions. Having these conversations can be challenging: especially if you, like so many others, were not educated about sexual and domestic violence prevention and response. With this guide, you’ll be able to talk with your youth about these topics in a way that helps build healthy and respectful relationships. Download the guide HERE.