Reproductive justice and an end to sexual violence cannot exist without the right to self-determination and personhood.

Screenshot of the Truthout opinion piece authored by Sandra Henriquez.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade split the nation, creating a public health crisis and leaving sexual and domestic violence advocates in the middle. As our nation has reckoned with how to act in Roe’s absence, states are turning to pro-choice legislation to advance the rights of those in their states and individuals in neighboring abortion-hostile states, and California is taking the lead in setting a standard of care.


This year, VALOR has joined alongside Black Women for Wellness Action Project, NARAL Pro-Choice California, ACCESS Reproductive Justice, California Nurse-Midwives Association, Equality California, TEACH (Training in Early Abortion For Comprehensive Health Care), and Equality California to advocate for SB 345. Authored by Senator Nancy Skinner, this bill will strengthen the state’s safe haven laws, protect health care providers, and ensure individuals are safely able to access reproductive health care and gender-affirming care services in California.

In an opinion piece written by VALOR’s CEO, Sandra Henriquez, she shares, “SB 345 is a stance against the tyrannical state legislation we are seeing passed across the nation. It brings together the anti-violence and reproductive justice movements at a critical time when we are experiencing rollbacks in our fundamental human rights daily.”

Dark pink background with while text that says, "Survivor justice is reproductive justice, and we are joining the fight." - Sandra Henriquez, VALOR.

The intersection of our two movements is clear. Joining these efforts is an act of collective equity and justice at a time when the anti-choice movement’s overly simplistic, morality-policing rhetoric erases the complex reality faced by survivors of violence. Survivor justice is reproductive justice, and we must continue our righteous fight.

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