The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Violence Prevention has released the final report with data from 2016/2017 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS). PreventConnect’s recent blog post highlights some of the national and state-level findings on rates of sexual violence including:

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  • More than half (54.3%) of women and one third of men (30.7%) experienced contact sexual violence during their lifetimes.
  • An estimated 39.2 million women (31.5%) and 15.7 million men (13.3%) first experienced contact sexual violence prior to age 18.


While these numbers are staggering, it begs the question, what more can we be doing? How can we continue to work to prevent and end sexual violence? Read PreventConnect’s blog post to learn more. 

You can read the NISVS state report here

You can read the full NISVS report here.