This page is a live document that serves as a resource list for advocates and rape crisis centers to familiarize themselves with how to set up and provide comprehensive victim services to incarcerated survivors, communicate with corrections partners and navigate challenges with grace, and ultimately, to build the capacity of RCCs to maintain a consistent and reliable victim services program behind bars. This is not an exhaustive list of resources. Please make sure to reach out if you have specific questions. 

Focus: Provide consistent and reliable services and support to incarcerated survivors

Receiving Phone Calls from Incarcerated Survivors (webinar)

I Carry Your Words With Me: Meaningful Written Correspondence for Incarcerated Survivors (webinar)

Privileged Correspondence Labels CA Evid. 1035.4 – Print on Avery 5160 (only use with facilities which treat mail as confidential)

CA Advancing PREA Office Hours: Letter Writing Workshop (webinar)

Letter Correspondence with Incarcerated Survivors (handouts)

Accompanying Incarcerated Survivors at Forensic Exams (webinar)

Beyond Basic Services (webinar)

Focus: Maintain relationships with facility staff and incarcerated population

Partnering with Corrections: Office Hours (webinar)

Partnering with Corrections: MOU Office Hours (webinar)

What Happens Now? Advocating for Incarcerated Survivors When Your Carefully Negotiated MOU Goes Out the Window (handout by JDI)

PREA Audit Supplementary Questionnaire on Community Advocate Engagement

Auditor feedback form | PREA

Searchable Directory of PREA Audits

Auditor search | PREA

Building Partnerships Between Rape Crisis Centers and Correctional Facilities To Implement the PREA Victim Services Standards (resource from the PREA Resource Center)

The Role of the Advocate for County Jails (video)

Clarifying the Roles of Advocates and Therapists in Detention (handout)

A Guide to Working with Rape Crisis Centers (guide book)

CA Advancing PREA Office Hours: PREA Audits as an Advocacy Tool  (webinar)

The Role of Victim Advocates in the PREA Audit (handout)

Corrections Agencies and Rape Crisis Centers Working Together Five Things to Know About Confidentiality (handout)

Focus: Building RCC Capacity

Setting up Rape Crisis Services for Incarcerated Survivors (webinar)

MOU Template for Emotional Support 

Exhibit A

Exhibit E2 – Rape Crisis Counselor/Victim Advocate Information Sheet

Training your Advocates to work with Incarcerated Survivors (webinar)

Advocacy for All: An Introduction to Serving Incarcerated Survivors (facilitator’s guide)

Developing Outreach Materials that are Appropriate for Detention: Office Hours (webinar)

Developing an Incarcerated Survivor Team at your RCC (handout)

Building your PREA Response Team: Office Hours (webinar)

PREA, Outside Reporting, and the Role of Rape Crisis Centers (handout)

Focus: Outreach/Inreach to Incarcerated Survivors

Know Your Resources: Fillable Brochure for Detention Settings (English)

Know Your Resources: Fillable Brochure for Detention Settings (Spanish)

PREA Youth Fillable Posters, Available in English and Spanish

“Help is Available” Posters for CDCR

PREA Fillable Posters for County Jails with Confidential Hotline Calls & Letter Correspondence