00:00 - 00:00 PST



Jessica Merrill, Communications Manager, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence


Amy Hill, MA, Silence Speaks Director, StoryCenter & Meghna Bhat, PhD, Project Coordinator, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)


During the COVID-19 pandemic, sexual and domestic violence organizations have taken inspiring actions to build social connection during a very isolating time for many. Using a trauma-informed framework in this interactive webinar, presenters from StoryCenter and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault will provide building blocks for new and aspiring storytellers, which can be valuable for building support for your work. When sharing true personal stories with another person, our trusted community, or a bigger audience, it may feel daunting, vulnerable, cathartic, inspiring and healing at the same time. We’re here to help you elevate your personal stories that have emerged from your experiences as survivors, advocates, and preventionists, and also from community members’ solidarity.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe why personal storytelling can be a powerful tool for community building, prevention, or healing during and after a pandemic
  • Identify how different modes of storytelling, especially in digital and written formats, can be used from our virtual and digital spaces
  • List possible challenges and solutions while using storytelling in our online community building and prevention work

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