Victimization of a survivor of sexual assault and the questioning of their faith, the response to the survivor by their faith community, or the lack of acknowledgment of the crisis center to address the issues of conflict related to the survivor and their faith is not a new issue of the 21st century. Survivors often struggle with these issues in isolation.
Can faith, feminism and addressing violence against women issues be a collaborative concept or are they diametrically opposites and a survivor is left to deal with each is a segmented solution?
CALCASA has provided some content for working with faith communities in the past when I worked with consultants who produced “From Campus to Congregation: Secular And Sacred Collaboration To End Campus Violence Against Women”. CALCASA is providing an excellent opportunity for you to build a skill set around this issue at the 2009 CALCASA Leadership Conference, “Ending Sexual Violence 2.0 – The Future is Connected.”
The day long workshop is titled “Tapping Spiritual Resources: Your Own, The Survivors and the Community” and will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Kibbie Ruth of Kyros Ministries.