In November, the Close to Home team from Community Solutions in Gilroy presented on developing program snapshots and infographics for their RPE program. Developing unique and creative ways to present program data in an accessible way is a key strategy to engaging stakeholders and generating community interest in prevention programs – visuals and numbers that aren’t overwhelming can make a big impact. In this 42-minute Spotlight, participants were guided through the process of making their own program snapshots to tell the story of their RPE work. As a guide, Community Solutions provided real life examples from their own Close to Home Project, The Hollister Innovators/Innovadores.  This Spotlight also includes how to develop systems and dedicate time to gather stories to develop infographics for community storytelling, prioritizing what to share with stakeholders, utilizing data for recruitment, and a hands-on workshop about making your own snapshots using a template on Canva.

“We put these out during tabling, when we’re doing tabling events…when we meet with city council members or the board of supervisors. We’ll give them these when we’re dealing with new partners who don’t know us, we’ll give them these kinds of reports, so they can see the community members and the depth of what we’ve been able to do with these programs. Whereas before, I would just talk to folks and they wouldn’t have anything to take away. This is something I can leave with them – I can put it into a nice folder – so as I’m building new relationships, it’s a helpful tool. Even for myself, or for our team, when we’re recruiting new Innovators [Close to Home Members] we can use that to say ‘look at all these folks that joined from last year, some of them are still with us, here’s all the cool stuff that they were able to do.’ They can see the photos, they can see the energy, and that helps folks to feel more motivated to want to get involved.” 

-Erica Elliot (she/hers), Sexual Assault Program Director at Community Solutions

If you missed the November RPE Spotlight, you can watch the recording HERE or follow up with Erica at