After the Supreme Court overturned Roe. v. Wade on June 24, VALOR issued An Open Letter to All Who Fight to End Sexual Violence in which we declared “Today, we are pissed. We who have fought for over five decades as a rights movement know how this will make our work to end sexual violence more difficult – our anger is only matched by our fatigue…. Today we grieve. But tomorrow, we continue our righteous fight.”

Today we grieve. But tomorrow, we continue our righteous fight.

Please join our National VALOR Discussion: We the People, Fight to Control Our Lives on Wednesday, July 6 at 11 am PST/2 pm EST. Like sexual assault and domestic violence does, this decision will disproportionately impact LGBTQ+ people, BIPOC, immigrants, people of lower socio-economic status as well as survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. This discussion will focus on how to support those working to end sexual violence across state lines that will be most impacted by this ruling and to build solidarity across movements to advance equity.
Spanish interpretation and real-time closed captioning will be provided.