Black and white image of people at a protest holding up their fists. Text over the image that says , "16 days of activism against gender-based violence. November 25 - December 10."

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign held November 25th – December 10th that calls for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. This year’s theme, “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls,” calls on us to continue to fiercely advocate for investments in prevention funding and programming to advance our work to end gender-based violence. This year, VALOR is providing you with 16 opportunities for you to get involved in our shared work.

  1. Earlier this year, the White House Gender Policy Council released the first-ever National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence. Read the National Plan to learn more about the plan for a whole-government approach to prevent and end gender-based violence: 
  2. Watch PreventConnect web conference Dating Matters: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships where participants learned about the new Dating Matters toolkit and were provided with tips for implementing it in their communities. 
  3. Register for VALOR’s upcoming in-person training Prevention LEADS: Leadership, Empowerment, Administration, Development, Supervision in Garden Grove, CA. 
  4. Check out VALOR’s Parent Playlist – top 5 resources for parents & caregivers.
  5. Watch this video featuring VALOR’s CEO calling out the importance of investing in prevention funding. 
  6. Read VALOR’s blog post about the positive impacts of Rape Prevention Education funding in California.  
  7. Become a VALOR member and join the call to demand an end to sexual violence. 
  8. Watch PreventConnect’s web conference Enough Abuse: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Schools
  9. Listen to the Leadership Moves podcast, featuring leaders of color in the anti-violence movement.
  10. Read VALOR’s Prevention Playlist: Top 8 Resources for Creating Protective Environments
  11. Check out PreventConnect’s podcast series highlighting new research, prevention practitioners, and opportunities to implement prevention programming in your communities.  
  12. Read VALOR’s Car Conversations Guide for Parents and Caregivers to help you navigate difficult conversations about relationships, harassment, consent, and much more.
  13. Learn more about the $2.3 million invested in prevention programming in California this year! 
  14. Listen to PreventConnect’s podcast episode Enough Abuse: All Adults Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
  15. While the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) tells a scary story about the rate of violence experienced by teens, it also positions prevention practitioners in a unique place to dig in deeper and keep pushing for prevention. 
  16. Donate to VALOR.